“We want to work with good people, who want to make great work that’s effective. And we want everyone to enjoy those relationships.”

We’re new. But we’re not. We’re a start-up. But we’re not. What we are, is a fledgling creative marketing communications agency with the combined backing, know how and experience of people who’ve been in the creative industry for well over 50 years when you add it all up. At the same time, we’re a fervent team full of fresh talent who haven’t been conditioned by what’s gone before. It’s a compelling mix. And we’re excited when we share this mix with businesses to help them grow. We’d love to help you grow.

Alison Topham

Studio Manager

Wth 20 years’ in design and media industry experience I ensure we exceed client expectations, accomplish departmental goals and manage workflow.

Jo Cowper

Operations Manager

10 year’s design experience. My role is ensuring we deliver work full of creativity that answers the brief to the highest standards.

Phil Houghton

Senior Designer

A day in Design is like a day on the farm. Every meal a banquet. Every paycheck a fortune. I LOVE Design!

Alex Fowler


Give me complex content. Love focusing on the importance of functionality and UX to create effective designs.

Eilidh McKenzie


Designer and crazy scrapbook lady. I work hard to create pixel perfection with bold colour & personality.

Sue Nichol

Office Manager

I suppose I’m a friend first and an Office Manager second. Probably an entertainer third.

Rachel Kirk

Artwork Lead

Responsible for the day-to-day management of client artwork and advertising materials. Signing off a project makes me very happy!

Katie Barron

Creative Services Lead

Creating communications that answer the brief and make the client happy is my no. 1 driver!

Building relationships

Through the power of words and images


To us, it’s all about understanding:

Your business proposition. Your customer’s needs and wants. How your business meets their needs and wants. The benefits you offer your audience(s).

How do we achieve that understanding?

We commit to learning about your business and your customers. We listen to you speak. We ask you questions. We challenge ourselves to always think like your audience.

How will you benefit?

We take that insight and understanding, and craft stories and communications that resonate, building meaningful, emotional connections. In return, you get:

The time you need to focus on business priorities.

Clarity of message.

Communications that build relationships.

Engaged customers.

Delivery of your objectives.

Great people we work with

Our clients