Direct Mail

Coils, electrical motors and transformers. They’re everywhere. If it’s electrical, it won’t work without these wonderful bits of kit. Out of sight they’work hard so you can be glued to your smartphone, use your computer, listen to music with those cool headphones, wash your clothes, live in a house powered by energy from wind turbines or travel by car, plane or train.

But that’s also a challenge for CWIEME. How does a show create a clear message that appeals to almost every industry out there? The answer: by visually bringing all those industries together, and positioning the show right in the centre. The key message being that CWIEME, no matter which industry, are at the heart of that industry – an industry both CWIEME and the audience are in together, therefore becoming ‘our’ industry.

With that singular, central message, CWIEME can talk to businesses in multiple industries with a message that allows them to address each one specifically at the same time.

Here’s an example of a DM piece we created which carried the key message and visual whilst addressing the finer details of how CWIEME can help businesses build a global sales pipeline and address a wider spectrum of prospects.