Anna Byers Jewellery

Storytelling, Filming

Telling a story

Anna Byers is a fantastic British jeweller creating wonderful hand crafted pieces that all have their own story, their own inspiration. Jewellery has such meaning for people. With its own journey, it becomes emotionally precious. We worked with Spring Fair to help show how, rather than being viewed as a stereotypical ‘trade show’, they’re a brand that provides a platform for businesses to express who they are.

In doing so, it was important we told Anna’s story when we created this lovely paced and beautifully shot film. In it you get to hear and see how much Anna puts into her designs, leaving you in no doubt as to the love and connection she has with each and every piece. Getting to understand the story behind the jewellery, you also see how, for Anna, Spring Fair allows her to share her passion and reach new people and businesses she wouldn’t other wise be exposed to.

Watch Anna’s story: