Judy Lumley Print

Film, Storytelling

Illustrating a successful partnership

Judy Lumley is renowned for designing delightful and inventive greetings cards, often featuring animals. Beautifully crafted with an illustrative style Judy honed whilst acquiring her degree in illustration, they’re full of colour. Something Judy learned from speaking to customers was important in their decision making.

Working with Spring Fair, we wanted to show how businesses such as Judy Lumley Print have a story to tell and can flourish with their help. Spring Fair brings businesses together with thousands of potential new clients, providing them with a platform to tell their own story and communicate who they are.

For Judy, it’s about combining her love of art and ‘making things’ with wanting to ensure her cards can proudly be described as British made. See Judy describe how her business allows her to do what she loves and how she works with British paper suppliers, printers and packing companies.

Spring Fair provides great exposure for Judy, allowing her to be seen by businesses from not only the UK but Europe and further afield. Businesses she otherwise wouldn’t reach.

Watch Judy’s story: